Dialogue for better future and Positive collective Vision

Madinatuna is an action plan for equitable growth to improve the quality of life for all citizens. As well as inclusiveness of the city and consolidation of city development all throughout the social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects. The program is developed by the participation of stakeholders and in cooperation among Municipality of Aleppo, GTZ and Cities Alliance.

Madinatuna reflects the new role of MOA which is moving beyond the physical planning and enforcing of regulations and the implementation of infrastructure, to cover the development of new strategic vision related to urban management (inclusiveness of the city, good quality of life raising lifestyle standards both economically and environmentally, protection of natural resources, economic vitality and competitiveness of the city, traditions, heritage and city identity).

This is what motivates MOA to transform their role into a catalyst among stakeholders in urban management, to improve the image of Aleppo internationally and to promote the city in the manner a city like Aleppo deserves to be known by; Its diversity and rich culture, humanitarian message, and the values of its ancient civilization, a background we are using to enhance our ability today to build a new culture in City Management, to better respond to the challenges of sustainable development through a vision of broaden cultural dimensions underlining respect for all others, their values and culture.

Dr. Maan Chibli
Mayor of Aleppo