1. Introduction

  2. Assessment

  3. Vision

  4. Activities

Urban Form / Activities

Mid-Term Forum

May 2010, Sheraton hotel

A two days conference and workshops to draw a vision for the future of the city.

Madinatuna Brand Awareness Campaign

April 2010, Aleppo

2 weeks brand awareness campaign was implemented to launch Madinatuna. Mass advertising media channels were used.

Quaik River Beautification Project

January 2010, Aleppo

CDS participated in the preparation and construction supervision of the project of the Quaik River Beautification project (technical, legal, urban design issues). The project aims at improving the river bed to serve an ecological function insuring biodiversity, good air quality, and managing rain water floods.

Open City - Diverse City

December 2009, Municipality of Aleppo

A one Decision maker workshop on the spatial development strategy of Aleppo

Open City - Diverse City

September 2009, Municipality of Aleppo

A one day stakeholders workshop on spatial development methodology for the city and an analysis of the Master plan of Aleppo.

Start-up Forum

November 2008, Sheraton hotel

A one day conference Presented a preliminary rapid assessment of the city.